¿Who are we?

We have a mission!
To be the leading platform in Puerto Rico in creating connections among the members of the labor market.

we are an online application of work

All the members of the team went through the situation of having to look for a job and feeling that we were not being taken into account by the companies or by the employment portals.

For this reason we always prioritize the workers above all, we want to offer the best experience to people who are in the process of looking for a new job.

This is our story

Since October 2019 we have been developing tools that allow people to easily access employment opportunities that allow them to advance in their careers.

We value the connections generated by people in their working environment, for this reason we seek to empower workers through the generation of an employment network that allows all users to collaborate with the aim of connecting each person with the most suitable job according to their training, experience and skills.

All vacancies that we publish go through a verification process that guarantees that the information provided by the offering companies is true and that the jobs offered comply with the requirements established by law.

For companies that use our services, we help them to have faster and more efficient search and recruitment processes. Our platform identifies the candidates who have the requirements for each position and invites them to participate in the selection process, this allows us to obtain quick results with suitable candidates.